I often get recording errors while starting a recording or in-between trials in a sequence

Before a trial can be recorded, the system must first confirm that data can be reliably streamed from all configured sensors. Before initiating the recording of a single trial or a sequence of trials, you should first confirm that the sensors are all undocked and that the Access Point is flashing green. This is an indication that it is receiving data from all of the currently configured sensors. The system performs this check before every trial, including separate trials within a sequence.

This issue can typically be resolved for standalone trials or the first trial in a sequence by ensuring that the subject is near the access point and that the access point is blinking green before starting the trial. If you are encountering this issue during the middle of a sequence, however, it may help to understand that as soon as one trial is completed, the system starts to prepare for the next trial in the session. A couple of potentially problematic situations are:

  • When a trial in the middle of a sequence completes while the subject is far away from the Access Point and communication is limited.
  • If the ability for a sensor to communicate with the access point is limited by the previous trial for some reason. For example, if the subject completes a TUG trial while wearing the Lumbar sensor and sits against a metal backed chair, the system may have trouble starting the following trail, as the Lumbar sensor may not be able to readily communicate with the Access Point.

Typically, if there is enough connectivity to stream the data from the previous trial without the subject getting closer to the Access Point, then there is enough connectivity to prepare for the next trial. If you find that you often have to wait a bit on the "Buffering..." dialog at the end of a trial as data is streamed from the sensors, this is an indication that wireless connectivity is limited for some reason, and you may encounter issues with recording mid-sequence.

For more information on troubleshooting wireless issues, see the following knowledge base article:



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