Checking the firmware version of your Sync Box

In some cases, you may be asked by APDM support to check the firmware version of your Sync Box. Here are the steps required to obtain this information:

  • Plug the Access Point into a powered USB cable. This can be attached to the docking station, your computer, or a wall charger.
  • Plug your Sync Box into the Access Point
  • Hold both buttons down on the Access Point for about 5s until the screen changes to the debug screen. The top line should start with something like "DBG 1/60, Queues ". This indicates that it is the first of 60 debug screens, and the screen name is "Queues". This number may not be equal to 60 if additional debugging screens are added after this article was written.
  • Press the bottom button on the Access Point until the screen name is "EXT IO 1/2". At the time of writing this article, this is the 4th debug screen, resulting in the top line reading "DBG 4/60, Ext IO 1/2". Getting to this screen requires 3 pushes of the bottom button.
  • When on this screen, look for the field named "SB FW Ver". The value of this field will be a date. For example, "20170411". This is the version number of the firmware installed on the Sync Box, and the value that you should report to APDM support.

To get the Access Point back to its standard screen, you can either hold both buttons again for 5s, or unplug/replug the Access Point.

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