Does APDM software include video integration?

In the past, APDM has taken steps to integrate our software with both the GoPro camera and Apple iOS devices through the use of the iOS Videography software. Both of these integrations were problematic, however, as they were dependent on a 3rd party interface that could change at any time without notice. This has happened several times, leaving our customers without a working video solution until we could make appropriate changes on our side. More recently, APDM has concerns that GoPro is going to change their remote control interface completely, and that the Videography app will stop being offered. Additionally, since these were both "experimental" integrations, they were never fully featured and did not provide a simple and seamless way to manage videos that were captured through our software. Due to these factors, APDM has made the decision to officially stop support of both of these video integrations.

That said, the video functionality is only hidden within the software, such that we would not introduce a dependence on this functionality from new users. For customers that had been using this integration, it remained in place. As of the writing of this article, both of these integrations are still functional.

If you are a new customer or an old customer performing a new installation, you can still enable either the GoPro or Videography integration. Be aware, however, that this functionality is not officially supported. We would be interested if you encounter issues with this functionality, but may not be able or willing to fix these issues. To enable this functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Close your software application.
  2. Locate the file named "" in your installation directory:
    1. For Windows machines, this is typically in the "C:\Program Files\[ApplicationName]" folder
    2. For MacOS machines, this is typically in the "/Applications/[ApplicationName].app/Contents/Resources" folder
  3. Open this file in a text editor and locate the line with "enable_videography=disabled" or "enable_gopro=disabled".
  4. Change "disabled" to "enabled" for the integration you wish.
  5. Save the file
  6. Re-open the application

You can find our documentation about how to use these video integration options here.

We hope to provide a more fully featured video integration with our software products down the road. If this interests you, please let us know!

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