How are the CTSIB scores calculated and reported?

The CTSIB sequence gets special handling beyond that of a standard sequence of sway trials. This includes the visual report where all 4 stabilograms are displayed next to each other (there is a button to "drill down" to the individual sway reports). This also includes the calculation of the CTSIB combined scores. These combined scores are only displayed in this report, and are not available through the CSV export functionality. The reason for this is that the reporting and exporting infrastructure is designed for values that can be assigned to one particular trial (e.g., the sway area for a single sway trial), and not for metrics that span multiple trials (e.g., the CTSIB scores). Basically, if you want to get these scores in the report, you will have to use the default CTSIB sequence available in Mobility lab.

As for the values that we do display, they are calculated as follows:
EOFi = Eyes open firm, 95% Ellipse Sway Area (Angular)
ECFi = Eyes closed firm, 95% Ellipse Sway Area (Angular)
EOFo = Eyes open foam, 95% Ellipse Sway Area (Angular)
ECFo = Eyes closed foam, 95% Ellipse Sway Area (Angular)

Vision = ECFi / EOFi
Somatosensory = EOFo / EOFi
Vestibular = ECFo / EOFi

Note that these calculations may be modified in the future, as there is little consensus among researchers on how to score this test using objective measures from an inertial sensor (like the Opal) or a force plate. For a description of how the test is classically scored, please see this online resource;

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    Thanks a lot. But, how can we calculate for Romberg Quotient? 

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