Mobility Lab report errors

Follow these steps if you are encountering an error window when generating reports. The goal here is to get the reporting infrastructure up and running. Validation errors are not covered in this troubleshooting article, because they typically imply that the infrastructure is working but there are issues or limitations of the collected data and/or analysis algorithms.
  1. Mobility Lab currently requires 3rd party software packages to work correctly. These can be downloaded from here. Make sure that these are installed as instructed in the "Installing 3rd Party Software" subsection in the Mobility Lab User's Guide.
    1. If you cannot validate trials (e.g., the after validating a trial you get an error and the trial status remains "Complete"), then the Mobility Lab runtime is not installed or not installed correctly. Make sure installation of the MCRInstaller completes without error.
    2. If you can validate trials (e.g., after validating a trial the status changes to "Valid", "Invalid", or "Analysis Incomplete") then the Matlab runtime is working correctly, but the MikTeX software required for analysis is not. Make sure installation of the basic-miktex-2.9.3927.exe software completes without error.
  2. If you are still encountering issues with report generation, after an unsuccessful attempt at report generation, click on View->Console in the top menu bar. This view should display the output of the report generation command, and hopefully the error that you encountered. If the error cannot easily be interpreted or is not clear whether the information is actionable, copy and paste the contents of the console window and included them in a support ticket.
  3. In some cases, an appropriate error message is not written to the console in the above step. In this case, follow these steps.
    1.  Click on the Windows start button. In the "Search programs and files" field (assuming Windows 7, but a similar option exists for other versions), type "cmd" and press the enter key. This should open a command window.
    2. Once this window is open, copy/paste the command listed in the console output from the failed report generation. For a typical 64-bit installation, the command that you will enter will be similar to one displayed below. This should all be pasted at once, and not as two separate commands. Also, the files referred to in these commands are temporary and are cleaned up when you close Mobility Lab. Therefore, you need to do this after encountering an error and before closing Mobility Lab. After doing so, press the enter key to run the report. This should provide more information on the issue you are encountering.


"C:/Program Files/Mobility Lab/\analysis\GenerateMobilityReport.exe" "C:\Program Files\Mobility Lab\workspace\MobilityLabProject\temp\20131115-132708\reportSpec.xml"
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