Why don't I get turn measures from my trial?

Turn measures can be detected from either the trunk or lumbar sensor. If neither of these are used in the recording, then no turn measures will be present.

Another less common issue is having the subject perform a turn where they make a rounded corner about a fixed point or object (e.g., cone) instead of a pivot turn at the end behind a marked line. When this is the case, some subjects perform the ITUG test by walking in more of an oval pattern instead of an out-and-back to the end of the walkway. The effect of this can sometimes be the detection of a single, long turn that takes up a significant amount or even the whole recording. Another possible result is the detection of many smaller turns that are not reported, as they do not fall within the 90-220 degree range of the turns that are reported for ITUG tests. The turn should be entirely performed behind the line at the end of the walkway and should be done in place (pivot turn) and not around an object such as a cone.

If you believe you are experiencing a different issue, please create a support ticket on this site or email support@apdm.com

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