Plot APDM HDF Files

NOTE: These scripts only work with HDF files generated using our first iteration of Opal, not our V2 Opals. These scripts can be modified to work with the newest HDF format, but will have to be modified, as the location of the data within the file is different. See our Technical Guide for more information on APDMs HDF format.

This script plots all data within an APDM HDF file. Data from each individual monitor is plotted as a separate figure. Only data from enabled sensors (e.g., accelerometers) is plotted. Figures can optionally be saved in any supported format. A number of other options are available. Type "help PlotHDFFile" in the Matlab console for details. 

Note: PrintFigure.m is a supporting script used to save Matlab figures in different formats. Type "help PrintFigure" in the Matlab console for details.
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