Changing monitor labels on existing HDF recordings

In some cases, it is possible that the wrong monitors are assigned the wrong labels. To give two examples:

  • The arm monitors are accidentally placed on the legs.
  • The monitors are configured through Motion Studio, where any label can be applied, and one (or more) of the labels was spelled incorrectly.

These scenarios will result in analysis errors, as the algorithms use the label to identify where the monitors were placed. While our software does not currently provide an automated way to modify these labels after a recording has been completed, we have provided two Matlab scripts in this forum topic that can achieve these goals:

  • changeH5Labels.m: This function enables you to modify the labels on a recording based on the existing labels. For example, you can change every instance of "Left Leg" to "Left Arm".
  • changeH5LabelsByID.m: This function enables you to modify the labels on a recording based on the case ID. For example, you can change the label of the monitor with ID "SI-001234" to "Left Arm".

Each of these files includes example paths and values that you will need to replace.

Note: As these scripts are written to operate on all files within the specified folder, it is recommended that you make copies of the files you wish to modify and move them to another directory before applying the script. Then, check them to make sure the desired change was implemented before moving them back. 

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