Installing Java 8 on Mac OSX

Our software products require Java 8 to run. The Windows and OSX installers come pre-bundled with Java 8, but Java 8 does not automatically come with the OSX online update. One approach is to perform a clean installation. Here are instructions on how to accomplish this:

  • Mobility Lab:
  • Motion Studio:

Alternately, you can install Java separately. Here are the steps to get it:

  • Check if it is already installed
    • Open your OSX "Terminal" application and type the following at the prompt:
      • java -version
    • If Java 8 is installed, you will see something like this on the first line:
      • java version "1.8.XXX"
    • Where "XXX" is a number indicating the exact version of Java 8 and may change over time. If you see the above, Java 8 is already installed. If not, continue to the installation instructions.
  • Installing Java 8
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