Troubleshooting remote issues

If you are having trouble getting your remote to work, here are some steps to help determine where the problem is:
  • Make sure that you have removed the USB stick from inside the remote (assuming you are using a Logitech R400), and plug it into your computer
  • Make sure the remote is ON using the switch on the remote. You can test whether it is on by using the laser pointer.
  • Make sure the remote is working by loading up a slide show in Microsoft Power Point or Apple Keynote. After starting the presentation, you should be able to navigate through the slides using the arrow keys. The bottom left button will exit the presentation. The bottom right button will either exit the presentation or blank the screen (dependent on the presentation software you use).
  • If the above is working but you are still having trouble using the remote in our software, test the record/stop remote functionality in Motion Studio:
    • Click on View->"Motion Studio View" in the file menu if not already in Motion Studio
    • Assuming your system is configured for streaming and ready to stream, click on the Stream button in the toolbar
    • Make sure the "Enable Remote" option is selected
    • Use the remote to start and stop a recording, using the images on the stop and record buttons to locate the button remotes (the images will match)
  • If annotation #1 works but not annotation #2, you have a newer revision of the remote that is not supported. This is caused by a change by Logitech in the R400 remote.
  • If you still can't get the remote to work, contact


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