Resolving File System Issues


Whenever an Opal is undocked and powered on, it records its data to internal storage. This logged data can later be converted to APDM's HDF format, which is useful both for non-streaming applications (e.g., wearing Opals for an extended duration outside of the clinic) or as a backup mechanism for streamed recordings.

Rarely, the file system that manages this memory can run out of space to save new information or can become corrupt. If either of these conditions are met while the Opal is in use, it will display a red LED sequence with error text "FileSystem Error" near the bottom of the display. If you encounter an Opal that exhibits this issue, reformatting the device's internal storage is the best way to resolve it.

The steps below will walk you through how to complete this process, using either the Opal interface or the Motion Studio view of your collection software. If you try these processes to reformat your Opal and still encounter errors, please submit a support ticket for further assistance. 


It is important to note that reformatting the Opal memory will erase all data within the Opal, including logged recordings and hardware configuration information. Please only proceed to the next steps if you have determined that you do not need (or are unable to recover) any of the data stored within the Opal. As the configuration information is also lost during a reformat, the Opal will need to be reconfigured before it can be used to collect data.

Reformat Using the Opal interface

  1. Press and hold button 2 to summon the power menu
  2. Press button 1 three times to navigate to "boot menu"
  3. Press button 2 one time to select "boot menu"
  4. Press button 1 three times to navigate to "Format SD"
  5. Press button 2 one time to select "Format SD
  6. Use button 1 to navigate to "Cancel"
  7. Press button 2 to exit the Boot Menu
  8. Dock all Opals and configure hardware to reintegrate the erased Opal

Reformat One or More Opals using the Motion Studio Interface

(found at View->Motion Studio View in Mobility Lab or Moveo Explorer). Please note: This process will erase and reformat all docked Opals. Any logged data or configuration information (e.g., label name) on the Opals will be deleted.

  1. Dock all Opals that you wish to reformat
  2. Click "Configure" to summon the configuration window.
  3. Hold the "Control" key on your keyboard (sometimes abbreviated as CTRL) and click the "erase Logged data" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Configuration window
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to "Format flash on all docked sensors". Click ok when ready to proceed.
  5. When the process has completed, you will be prompted that the storage of each Opal will be erased when they are disconnected from docked again.
  6. Undock Opals to execute the reformat process.



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