How to Update Saved Hardware Configuration

For a variety of reasons, you may want or need to replace an Opal in your current configuration with another. The following step-by-step guide addresses how to update your configuration, to remove the original Opal and integrate the new one. 

1 - Detected Hardware Does Not Match Saved configuration


When the new Opal, along with the rest of your configuration, is connected to the computer for hardware reconfiguration, you will be presented with a warning message that the detected hardware does not match the saved configuration. This is expected because the hardware configuration has been altered but not yet updated in Mobility Lab. Click close to proceed.

2 - Identify the Missing Opal in the Saved Configuration


The missing sensor (the sensor you intend to replace) will appear in the Assigned Sensors list in gray text, indicating it could not be found. Note that in the graphic example, the missing sensor corresponds to the right foot body site location. Click the "X" at the end of the label to remove the sensor from the configuration and vacate the corresponding body site location on the model. In this example, the following image is the result.


3 - Drag New Opal to Assign Body Site Location


Click and drag on the sensor ID of the new Opal, from the Available Sensors list to the Body Site Location of the Opal being replaced. This action is similar to moving a file on a computer.

4 - Apply Configuration to Save Changes


With all available sensors assigned, click "Apply Configuration" to update the saved hardware configuration for your Opal system. When Hardware Configuration is complete, your system will be ready for use.



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