V2 Docking Station Power Adaptor Compatibility (Docking station v2.10+)


Version 2.10 Docking Station power adapters are compatible with all APDM Version 2 Docking Stations. Docking Stations version 2.10 and later require the use of APDM 12mm barrel power adaptors and will not function with 9.5mm barrel power adaptors that shipped with <2.9 Docking Stations. The 9.5 mm long barrel connectors included with all previous Opal v2 docking stations will not be long enough to make reliable contact with the connector with Docking Station v2.10. 

To determine which power supply version is compatible with your docking station, check the device label on the underside of the docking station housing. Docking stations that indicate v2.10 or later require an APDM labeled power supply with 12mm barrel connector. Docking stations that do not indicate a version (<v2.9) can use 9.5mm or 12mm barrel power adaptors.  

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