I repeatedly get the error "Error encountered while checking firmware. Please try again"

  1. One possible cause of this is insufficient power being provided to the docking stations. Make sure that chains of docking stations have external power. Also make sure that docking stations plugged into a USB hub are using a USB 2.0 High Speed hub with external power.
  2. Another cause is that the system incorrectly initialized the docking stations. Follow these steps while setting up your hardware:
    1. Close Motion Studio or Mobility Lab.
    2. Undock any monitors from the docking station(s).
    3. Unplug the power and USB cables from the docking station(s).
    4. Plug the power cable into the docking station(s). The LED(s) will turn yellow. Note: if you only have one docking station, external power is not required.
    5. Plug the USB cable into the docking station(s). The LED(s) will turn green.
    6. Dock you monitor(s). The LED(s) on the dock(s) and docked monitor(s) will turn blue after 10 seconds or so. The LED(s) on the monitor(s) will flash blue/green if they are charging.
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