After configuring for wireless streaming, the LEDs on my monitors are all flashing green in unison, but the LED on the access point is flashing red, indicating that it is not receiving all of the data.

There are a couple of possible causes of this scenario:

  • One of the monitors is obstructed somehow. Make sure that they are all unubstructed and have clear line of sight to the access point.
  • There is a rare situation where a radis on the monitors may not start broadcasting after configuration. To recover from this situation, plug the monitors back into their docking stations, and press the "Power Off" button in Motion Studio. Unplug the monitors and wait for them to power down. Next, place them back into their docking stations and wait for them to power up. Finally, unplug them from their docking stations (no re-configuration required) and wait for them to power up and start broadcasting. Often, this reset will enable the radios on the malfunctioning monitor.
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