Dock LED Stuck in Magenta when running firmware update or system check

When running a system check, or doing a docking station firmware update while one or more monitor are plugged into the docking station(s), it is possible for the docking station(s) to get stuck with a Magenta LED and fail to re-enumerate on the USB bus. To work around this issue:

  • Remove the monitors from the docking stations.
  • Unplug power and USB from the docking stations, then re-plug power into the docks and re-plug USB into the host PC.
  • Do not re-dock the monitors at this time.
  • Rerun system check or docking station firmware updates.

If the firmware update was triggered during the configuration process, you can perform the docking station firmware update explicitly by clicking on Tools->"Update Firmware". Then click on the "Flash Default Firmware" button in the "Docking Station" column.

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