Reinstalling Windows access point and docking station drivers

Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to re-install the access point and or docking station drivers in Windows (OSX and Linux do not require dedicated drivers). The following steps will perform this task:

  1. Download the attached file that matches the application you have installed. To be explicit, if you are using Motion Studio, download "driver_reinstall_motion_studio.bat". If you are using Mobility Lab, download "driver_reinstall_mobility_lab.bat".
  2. Locate this file in your download folder and double click on it. This will take you through the driver installation process.

Note: If you are using a non-standard installation location (i.e., other than c:\Program Files\[application]), you can navigate to your installation directory in a command prompt console and type "dpinst.bat drivers". You do not need to download either of the files in this forum topic if you use this approach.

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