Compatibility with Apple OSX 10.11 "El Capitan" (and later)

OSX 10.11 (El Capitan), made significant changes to how USB devices are handled. This left a large number of USB device manufacturers without working products. To address these changes, we have created new firmware images that need to be installed on both our access points and docking stations in order for them to function on "El Capitan". Following are instructions to install the firmware:

  • Importantly, the firmware updates cannot be applied from a computer running OSX "El Capitan" or later. You will have to first find another computer (Windows, Linux, or OSX < 10.11) to perform the firmware updates on.
  • Install one of our latest releases of the software. These all come bundled with the latest firmware updates for your hardware. The download sites can be found on the right side of the web page on our support site (
  • Launch the APDM software application.
  • Plug in your access point(s) and docking station(s). If you have any sensors docked in the docking stations, undock them.
  • Configuring your system will force the firmware to be updated.
  • Alternately:
    • Click on Tools->"Update Firmware" to open the update firmware dialog.
    • Click on the "Flash Default Firmware" button in the "Access Point" panel.  Wait for the firmware update to complete.
    • Undock all monitors on your docking station (they sometimes interfere with the docking station firmware update process). Click on the "Flash Default Firmware" button in the "Docking Station" panel. Wait for the firmware update to complete.

This hardware can now be used on OSX 10.11 "El Capitan".

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