Normative data used in MLv1

Mobility Lab v1 currently includes normative data from 84 subjects. It was all collected in a controlled study at OHSU specifically for this purpose. Each test was repeated 3 times and the median was taken to help reduce the possibility of outliers. The histogram shows the age distribution. For computation of percentiles in Mobility Lab reports, all normative data is considered (i.e., there are no age matched controls).

Female participants: 52
Male participants: 32
Mean Height (inches): 66.49
Stdev Height (inches): 5.48
Mean Weight (lbs): 159.14
Stdev Weight (lbs): 33.36
Mean Age (years): 52.33
Stdev Age (years): 20.02

The attached zip file contains the results of the CSV export from this study, to enable users to drill down within these results to a fine level of detail. 


What Is Reported:

  • In the visual PDF reports, the normative range that is displayed corresponds to the 5th-95th percentile. This is used because the normative data is often not normally distributed, and using percentiles provides a better representation of the actual range.
  • In the CSV exports, we currently report the mean +/- standard deviation of the normative data. This was largely done because user's of the CSV exports may want to compute the z-score for a particular trial, which cannot be done with the 56h-95th percentile.
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