Some user interface elements don't all fit on the screen (Windows)

When using a non-default font size in Windows, our software is unable to detect this change and does not automatically resize user interface components to account for it. If you are using Windows and some user interface elements get cut off, the font size on your computer may be set to "Medium" or "Larger" instead of the default "Smaller" size. Here are steps to change it back to the default setting:
* Open the Windows "Start" menu
* Type "font" in the search bar.
* Select the "Fonts" option (should be the first option)
* On the left size of the "Fonts" dialog, there is a "Change font size" option.
* If you set this to "Smaller - 100% (default)", your issue should go away.
* If the fonts now look too small for you to use, you can instead adjust the screen resolution to something smaller by right clicking on the Desktop and choosing the "Screen Resolution" option.
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