I encounter a "LookupViewService quit unexpectedly" error while using Apple OSX

LookupViewService is the utility that allows you to look up word definitions and other information by 1) three-finger tapping a word, 2) right-clicking and selecting "Look Up", or 3) force-clicking a word if you're using a new MacBook or 13" MacBook Pro. The utility was updated in OS X 10.10.3 (or a special build of 10.10.2 if you're using the aforementioned new computers), and it looks like the update introduced a bug that affects many software applications (not just APDM's).

That unfortunately means that we cannot fix this ourselves, though we're hopeful Apple will update the utility. Your best bet is to temporarily disable LookupViewService. To do this, open System Preferences, click the "Trackpad" button, then uncheck "Look Up" in the "Point & Click" section.

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